So “why is social work important?”. This ties in why I chose the profession. I believe we do need Social Workers as the world, the systems and people in it do not support or protect everyone. I know there is restrictions,limitations,politics and a lot of cynicism and there is going to be times when we have exercise our power for the lesser of two evils, which is a hurdle we will all deal with when we come to it. But to me Social Work is the profession that allows you to fight for peoples rights,protect the vulnerable, support those who need support. It allows you to have a positive impact on others, if they so choose. It allows you,as a practitioner to work with a varied and diverse group of people, to learn and experience a multifaceted life that is consistently dynamic and evolving. It allows you to try and tackle the wicked issues, to help empower others to solve their own problems, to make a difference (hopefully for the better) to individuals lives. It teaches you continuously about all the different aspects of humanity and allows you to learn a lot about yourself. Social Work allows you to work on varying levels of society, to have a hand in changing it and to push forward to a fairer,more equal and just society. Being a social worker could literally mean the difference between life and death for one person and to me that says it all and therefore makes it worth having,worth continually training for and learning, worth making it a true profession and worth fighting for and continually developing it. That is why I choose to be part of it and value it. That is why I look forward to the coming years and being involved in it. That is why I am proud to call myself a Social Worker (in training- I NEVER KNOW IT ALL ! ).
I keep Learning Every day!


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