Snap out of it women! Enjoy your old age!

Snap out of it women! Enjoy your old age!

“I’ m old and I’m dreadfully vulnerable,” she said. “I can’t see and I can’t hear, so it’s not safe for me to go outside on my own. But inside my flat, I can’t listen to the radio and I can’t see the TV. I struggle to read with magnifiers. I’ve got no one left to help and support me. I’m lonely and I’m isolated. And I’m scared about the future

Every woman’s body will change as the years pass.

That is inevitable. Do the best you can with a healthy diet, hydration, good skin care and physical activities you enjoy. Pay attention to developing your inner beauty through spiritual exploration and by caring for others. After that, work on self-acceptance, ignore the flawless images in the media and talk to other women about your feelings and concerns. Adopt the attitude of cultures that revere their elders for their knowledge, wisdom and contribution as guides and teachers.

•I am a valuable human being no matter my age or my body size.
•I am a loveable and caring person. I deserve to love and be loved.
•I was created to be unique and special. I am like no other human being.
•I have a special place in this world and will let my light shine.

Develop Good Habits.
By all means, examine your breasts for lumps and watch for reduced rates on community health screenings to get your blood sugar and cholesterol checked. But remember, experts say the majority of health problems plaguing women today are caused by poor lifestyle choices. Basically, that’s about eating, drinking, sitting around…AND WORRYING!! Even if a disease or condition “runs in your family,” you can greatly reduce the chances that you’ll get it by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

•I like the way I feel when I exercise and eat well.
•I can easily and comfortably change my habits to achieve better health.
•Taking good care of my body and mind makes me happy.
•I deserve to take time for myself. I give myself permission now.
•Get happy and feel great.

Starts by identifying the single most important action you can take to fight your biggest worry, then get with your girlfriends to develop your strategies. I have noticed that few women openly talk about their aging concerns, so open up! Whatever your needs are, smart women working together can help. Trade childcare while you go to the market to buy and sell, school or work out, share an extra job, cook together to try new healthy recipes, split inexpensive bulk food items or start an investment club to help your savings grow.
Women are expert problem solvers!

Each day, take a moment to focus on something special about yourself.
If you notice you are putting yourself down and comparing yourself to others,
Snap out of it!


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