Is pain a gift?

Is pain a gift?

Temporary emotional pain is caused by any number of events:
• Thoughtlessness or cruelty on the part of others.
• Death of loved one,
• A break up,
Helpful Tips:

Acknowledge that is normal-
When you’re hurting because of any of the above, accept that it’s normal to feel hurt or angry for a short time. Let’s face it: if a loved one dies or if you love someone and that person dumps you, it’s natural to feel hurt. These things are normal. Trying to cure what is normal is pointless. Expect to feel pain for a while – it’s normal.

It’s your fault.’ That’s just not true!
That suggests that people don’t love, or bond, or trust, or invest emotions. If you have emotional pain, there’s a reason for it. It is important to be careful what you take to heart, because that will affect you emotionally. Deal with the pain, but don’t make it a focal part of your life. It was a lesson that you can use to help others who are in that same scenario.

Don’t deny you don’t feel it!
The pain is real-
Don’t let anyone tell you that your feelings aren’t real. They are real, significant, and important and, they’re your feelings. Feeling alone doesn’t mean there is no one around. Feeling sad doesn’t mean you’ll never be happy. Feel your feelings, think your thoughts, but realize they’re just feelings and thoughts. Take time for yourself and ALLOW THE BIBLE BE YOUR GUIDE. Pray, or meditate. You have to address it, or you will never get beyond it. Don’t try to rush through this season of pain. Even though all you can really think about is ending the pain, the truth is that just allowing yourself the feelings is important. Masking your pain when you’re trying to work or just get through each day may be necessary to a point, but make sure to allow yourself some “me-time” – some time to allow yourself to really feel all of the feelings you are having, rather than just suppressing and denying them.

Identify all of your feelings-
Are you just heartbroken? Or are you angry? Maybe you are just feeling guilty? Do you feel betrayed? Insecure? Afraid? Giving some thought to exactly how you are feeling can be very helpful in processing all of your emotions in the wake of traumatic or life-changing occasions

Endure it-
Things that cannot be cured must be endured. It sounds obvious, but sometimes, thinking of emotional pain as if it were physical pain can be very helpful. That won’t make it hurt any less. You just have to endure it while it heals.

Talk to someone-
There are times when it seems that the hurt you feel inside is just too deep to talk about. You feel like no one could understand. Letting someone put his or her arm around you and hearing them say, “It’s going to be okay” may not seem that helpful, but it really is, because it helps you feel you’re not totally alone ‘Talking to someone who is rich in God’s word! Not just anybody’. Realizing that someone wants to be there for you will help.

Get your mind off yourself and how bad you feel-
You have the right to feel sorry for yourself .That’s is not to say you have to stay in that state of mind! It’s only to say that even grief needs to take a breather. Give your weary heart a little respite, and let it mend with the love of JESUS CHRIST and lightness of heart that comes from being with friends, or doing something that brings you pleasure! There will be time to cry again, but not just now.

Time heals! Allow it-
This is part of just enduring. You will need to muster up the patience to allow healing to commence. There isn’t any substitute for just … waiting. Time requires one thing: that you allow it to pass. Getting past emotional pain requires a grieving process, which takes time. Don’t let your pain define you. Remember you are greater than this hard time! You have a past and a future. You have awareness and creativity. This was a single episode which will soon pass.

Do you write?
Writing down your feelings can help you to sort them out. It can help more if you use positive “I messages” instead of negative ones. If you don’t write, talk about your feelings with someone close or a therapist. Don’t justify them, just talk about them, get them out, and listen to what you say.

Avoid statements that blame you or others-
Take responsibility for your actions, and your part of whatever went wrong, but do not indulge in blaming. The question of “And whose fault is/was that?” does not apply.

Develop a learning orientation-
Life hands you difficulties so you can learn from them. People who have really easy lives fall apart when bad things happen because they have never learned how to cope or let things roll off their backs. Everything, even very painful times, can be used to learn better coping skills and to develop wisdom and perspective about life that will help you deal with many difficulties in the future. Whatever doesn’t destroy you can serve to make you stronger.

Make a ‘Thankfulness List’.
Write down what you are thankful for, even basic things like having clothes and a warm place to sleep, then moving to people who care for you, and good things in your life. Being thankful is naturally healing and will balance out any trauma over time.

Stay with the word!


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