Why Love Vulnerable Children?

Why Love Vulnerable Children?

Their actual physical and biological growth requires love!

Children are particularly vulnerable to adversity in ways that can change their brain structures, their psychology, and their ability to integrate into communities later in life.

Research shows that the early growth of at least one part of the brain (the orbitofrontal cortex – behind the orbits of the eyes) is almost wholly dependent upon the environment an infant is born into! The first 24 months is crucial in that it is during this time the building and shaping of this part of the brain sets the child up for life.

Vulnerable children are children in need (including disabled or very sick children), children on the periphery of care, in care, or who have left care.

These children are often bullied by other children, owing to the stigma and stereotyping around the circumstance in which they were born into, feeling different because of their looks, status, and deprived needs. This of course could act as a barrier to building friendships and learning at school.

This stigma and prejudice has a direct impact on vulnerable children and their self-image and self-esteem. It also has an indirect effect on their emotional wellbeing by preventing them from developing positive relationships with other children and teachers.

A lack of love, emotional warmth and physical contact basically slows down the growth mechanisms in their brain and body. For instance, human growth hormone is produced in smaller amounts when there’s not enough love around.

It’s like the genetics of the children quickly adapt to their environment. If there is insufficient emotional richness and stimulus to grow into, the body sees no need to waste energy in growing into such an environment, and so the growth genes shut down and it’s not just growth genes that respond to the environment. The ‘love hormone’ or ‘hugging hormone’, oxytocin, plays a crucial role too!

Please Show Some Love To Vulnerable Children!
Children are precious to God
Psalm 127:3-5


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