Avoiding Harrassment !

Today’s gist is really hot! Because on this platform today we have different wonderful people comment on this gist and here is what they have to say!


1454721_10151707852102301_1867227715_n[1]Dr Mrs Odusote CEO- Winiseph Home (Caring for the older citizens) standing just by the right hand side with her hand bag! Here is what she has to say ‘Women stand up for yourself! Never look down on you because if you do, you just might encourage harassment.





Giddy=))Here is Mr Tega and his pretty wife! Here is what he has to say “Don’t laugh at jokes with sexual innuendo or get involved in sexually charged conversations. If you do hang around people who enjoy a lot of attention from the opposite sex, others will assume that you want that attention too.”’




KayMr Kalu thinks you should make sure you are not giving the wrong vibes! Think on these babes, what vibes are you sending out?





502012536_univ_cnt_4_xl[1]And lastly, from my humble self  ollaflaky here is what I have to say! You really have to stand up for yourself babes! People usually don’t back off unless you give the clear message. Just stand up and say ‘No!’





Talk To someone!If that doesn’t work, tell someone !”but seriously guy’s talk to someone you feel at peace in your spirit with or send me an email. I just might have one or two professional advice that could help!




God gives his angels charge over you! Believe this and don’t put yourself in compromising situations!

Enjoy a splendid weekend all


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