Loving your community!

Women, caring for someone other than you might seem a bit challenging but I know the joy it brings when you are able to profile solutions to some else’s suffering and discomfort without expecting anything in return!

There’s a great deal of commitment and honesty that goes with love! Below are some ways in which you can love your community!

Identify a child who needs help in your community and be a part of that child’s success story!


images[1]Trash pickup! This is one of the simplest things to do to protect and beautify your neighbourhood. A trashy community is not beautiful by anyone’s standards. If you are truly busy because the nature of your job and your immediate family, start by organizing a small group of people to go out and collect trash around your neighbourhood.
Put up fliers around your community to help get others involved in the clean-up and contribute to the cause. You’ll keep your community clean, and maybe meet some new people in the process!


Volunteering at places like GENO Hope Alive Foundation, Winiseph Home and any other non-profit organization just around your community will help people who depend on caring people like yourself. Helping the environment is one thing, but helping someone who directly depends upon you has an indescribably great feeling.


Whatever the cause, no matter how big or small, you will get a great feeling from doing something good for someone other than yourself!


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