Abused sexually ?

Hello! Seriously, some folks have been calling in to say ‘Olayinka what is up with women who have already gone through sexual abuse?’’

The honest truth is ‘is not your fault ‘’ and don’t go blaming any one because over time from previous cases and speaking with colleagues who have handled similar cases I found out this can result in resentment and bitterness! Yea, you have a right to get angry and blame someone. You are permitted to get angry! I understand is difficult and the pain but make sure you get yourself away from that mental state of casting BLAMES because this can result to resentment and bitterness like I earlier stated and this can slow down your healing process! The mind is powerful and fragile… if a child or adult is sexually abused or experiences incest, that child’s/adult’s mind-body-spirit is wounded and has been murdered limiting potential and growth. The idea of today’s gist is to get you out of that terrible mental state as fast as possible…

Peeps, this gist are focused on YOU! You have the will power to enforce your healing yourself through the help of the Holy Spirit and good people that God will plant in your path. Make use of this resource (Holy Spirit, professionals, trusted family members, trusted friends)

Are you still thinking that you’re tired, useless, and unfixable, that you don’t deserve to be loved? You’re thinking that you are worthless and that love is not for babes like you? This is not true dearie! Is only a feeling and you should not believe this feelings

Here are some tips that could help

  • Express herself
  • Visit the website for Rape, Abuse, and Incest on national network.
  • Engage yourself in discussions about the things you love.
  • Talk about healthy relationships
  • Respect your own boundaries and let those around you know this so they don’t over step.
  • Never blame yourself

Be sure to follow on the next gist. We will have a true life recovering story!



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