True Life Recovery Story ! A Must Read…

Today’s gist is about Grace ! She is a young woman I met some years back and I believe her recovery story will be a wonderful gist that further explains that you cant afford to remain in bitterness and continue in that mind set of casting blames ! let me not talk too much ….Allow me introduce Grace J.. as she gives us this gist about how she survived !Am certain we will grab some wisdom from this gist !

Sometimes I ask why he chose me to unleash his sperm, I ask why he chose to deflate my bubble but each time I remember his act, I feel nothing but pity for him.

My name is Grace, 2nd to the last child of fifteen from my father and from a Polygamous home!

My dad was very ill and all his wives and mistresses had left him and my mom was the only one to take care of him in the hospital.

We were protected from seeing his ailing body and so we most times stayed home with our relatives/brothers etc.

On one of those days, in the early 90s, I was left with one of my half brother(same father). The age gap between us is 10. My younger brother had gone to buy sweet. I was calling on him to play and den I discovered the doors were locked and then I saw my elder brother
He told me to go lay down on the floor beside the dining table I was shocked but because he was one of my favourite brothers I obeyed.

Next thing he brought out his penis and pulled my pants(I was wearing a skirt n top). With one hand against my mouth and d other on his penis, he drove himself inside of me. I felt pain and saw lots of liquid coming out. I cried but he asked me to be silent about it…

Years later he did same thing to another 8year old. I was mad at him but sorry for d girl. D parents and sisters of the girl followed the matter and I had to beg on his behalf and we were made to pay certain amount and took care of the girl.

My pain:
My father died 2yrs later. We suffered from rejection, neglect, hunger and my mom, my younger brother hustled to meet ends. We would hawk things to have food for dinner. Then I started longing to grow up fast. To develop breast so men would want me and love me but none did until I met JESUS in 1995 on a crusade ground organised by Assemblies of GOD church

Today I’m better, I forgive him, I thank God for helping me because till date I feel so sorry for him imagining what he is going through to have the guilt of raping his sister. And sometimes he’s ashamed

I never allowed it to hold back my dreams
And each day is a blessing.

If u are going through such:
1. Acknowledge its not your fault but the devil at work
2. Also know you have a very great seed in you that’s why the devil choose to torment you
3. You have to surrender everything to God Almighty including your thoughts. Pray always and it doesn’t have to sound formal. Make it conversational when u speak with God.
4. Don’t hate, don’t stop dreaming, be patient, Love unending, live life with all joy and don’t look back but if you must look back it should be a means of helping another.

Remember, your not alone on this

With all my love
Grace J.

You can do all things through Christ ! anyways our next gist will be about my encounter with the market women as regards the deadly flu ‘EBOLA’ it was so much fun reaching out to these women and educating them about how they can stay away from the flu ! you cant afford to miss this gist…..


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