You should help that child !

20141121_115617Visiting a few government schools in Surulere seriously got me thinking and here is what I have in my heart! Education in a broad sense is a process by which an individual acquires the many physical and social capabilities demanded by the society in which he/she is born into to function. In an ideal sense, education is an ultimate value and hence, through the provision of social service, it is an agent of change. It is to a nation what the mind is to the body, just as a diseased mind is handicapped in the coordination and direction of the bodily activities. Therefore, the single most significant complex of social – control tools for national development is found in the educational system! Formal/informal.

There is no single way of improving the provision of basic learning materials although there are many possible solutions, according to the different level of development reached. From my observation, certain children still don’t have basic learning materials! This is no joke, some parents have just refused to be responsible …..And this is where my pain is, do we leave these children at the mercy of their irresponsible parent? Gazing into their expectant eyes I knew deep on the inside of me that they are looking at me for answer’s… ’ I knew at that moment that something has to be done to help these children!

Now what do I tell them? Do I say ‘am sorry dear I don’t have up to 200 hundred naira in my bag to get you school writing materials or Do I say I am sorry dear I am not your mother! Go and ask your irresponsible parent! Off course not!


Providing basic learning materials differs from one country to another, and various approaches are used. While some countries struggle to establish mechanisms for the production of relevant curriculum materials, others focus on issues of institutional sustainability and the role of the government. What I am suggesting is ‘we as individuals should be the change we want to see! By helping that identified vulnerable child from a challenged home acquire his or her basic learning materials such as Note books, pencil, biro’s, ruler, mathematical-set, school bags, eraser etc.’ I am positive this will encourage that child out there …..FB_IMG_1419461845629



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