Who say’s old age is no fun !

IMG_20150125_153556IMG_20150125_153558Who say’s old age is no fun ? At winiseph home, is never a dull moment for our senior citizens and the care givers! Being a social worker in the home is equally so much fun for me and alot of wisdom to grasp from our aged mummy’s , daddy’s , grand mummy’s and daddy’s !20150125_15335920150125_153518 Observing baba pitan as he enjoyed the love and attention bestow upon him by the staff of Winiseph home , his lovely children and grand children IMG_20150125_153630i cant help but say this  ‘ If you are out there forming busy for your aged folkes or you are neglecting them because of some flimsy excuse ! Oopss.. you are falling my hand ! Lolz..’ 20150125_15321520150125_153315 Anyway, this gist will not be complete if i dont tell you a bit about the founder of the home ! Watching Dr.Odusote was equally fun ! Her eyes say’s it all … For me loving our aged folkes is one beautiful experience but creating a time out for them is much more fun and excitment !20150125_153118  i will end today’s gist by saying that nothing is too much to give to the man and woman who concieved you and carried you for nine month ! In some cases the pregnacy extend to ten or eleven month ! Well, i think they deserve all our love and care ! What do you think?IMG_20150125_15354820150125_164332 20150125_164805


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