I am sure these tips will help your productivity at work !

Hello Guy’s i got these tips from Pauline Hayes ( http://www.whatisacareer.com ) ! Some from my boss and my supervisors ! while others from experience and by reason of use ! Enjoy …

  • Keep a diary, and use it!
  • Only add on your to do list what you know you can achieve ! don’t try to impress by adding so much task when you know they are not achievable for that day !
  • Every day,  make a list all uncompleted tasks that must be picked up tomorrow morning and rank them in order of priority
  • Review your task list each morning. If you can, delegate tasks and trust that they will be done well but always check in to monitor.
  • Once a week find 10 minutes to consider the next few weeks. Pick a day to do this and be committed. Jot reminders in your diary for milestones you need to have achieved by certain dates.
  • If you need input from other people or departments to achieve your milestones, or even today tasks, involve them as early as possible, so you are not held up waiting for them because they are busy.
  • Review the week that has just finished. Do you need to follow up with anyone, OR SHOW APPRECIATION to them for their help during that week?
  • Is there anything that needs to be followed up from this week’s achievements?
  • What are your key goals for next week? Do you have enough time to accomplish them? What can you delegate? What is the next action associated with each of those goals, and do you have that task clearly identified on your calendar or task list with a due date?
  • Produce a prioritized task list for Monday so you can get off to a flying start.
  • Update your colleagues or team weekly with progress achieved and next week’s goals.

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