Hobby ! Is it necessary?


2015-04-30 14.29.38While I was researching on hobby, I discovered that people who cultivate themselves through these activities are less likely to suffer from anxieties, rage depression and other negative feelings ! Your hobby is an activity you love and derive pleasure in doing, it is an activity you enjoy, something unique to your taste and talent. Your hobby can enhance your well-being and can give more meaning to your life and make your life more fun! Just as physical exercise is important for the body, cognitive relaxation, i.e. relaxation of the mind is also important. The creative forces of energy present in everyone should not be repressed.

Here are my strong reasons !

  • Is a source of pleasure which is independent and intrinsic.
  • It will help you to unwind.
  • When you have a hobby, you will strive to create time for yourself and manage your schedule well to keep that appointment with yourself.
  • Is a way to find what your talent are.
  • What can be more rewarding and enjoyable than the fact that your career and work is also the source of your unwinding and relaxation!
  • Those who have pursued a certain hobby in their younger age, would continue to do so well into their old age. By then, it has become their second nature.
  • It is a great way to meet people with whom you have something in common.
  • What you create or learn through your hobby gives you something to share with others..

Enjoy !




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