Living and loving...If you ask me, the greatest legacy anyone can leave is the lives they have touched, the love they have given to others, the word they shared to bring eternal life to another who’s in danger of eternal damnation. Indeed, nothing outlives the kindness you have shown to that fellow in need, the compassion  which has moved you to visit the sick, the encouragement you have given to that (wo)man without hope, the care you have shown to that fella who feels rejected, the caring hand extended to the broken hearted, the clothes given to the naked, the water given to the thirsty, the hospitality showed to that least deserving person…..the list goes on and on.

None of us have seen God at anytime, but I tell you, whatever you do to any of His creation in his name, you inadvertently do so unto Him, and your Labor of love will surely, NEVER go forgotten, here on earth, and in eternity. So, never withhold from being a charitable being of creation. GOD Bless You…


Window of Opportunity, an initiative of AMORVARD, will be reaching out to 25 girls in Nembe, Bassambiri Village, Bayelsa State this October 2015. These girls will be empowered with various entrepreneurial skills like soap making, beads making, ankara designs, etc. There shall also be talks on handi work, choice of career, and information to help them lead a better life.

We hereby wish to appeal for the assistance of volunteers in varying capacities, so we can achieve this lofty dream.

We indeed covet your support.           You may please reach us on:

Mobile: +2348109259122, +2348158683252


Peace and blessings!


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