It Won’t Drown YOU !

One girl reaching another girl !

On my way back from the old people’s home today,the keke marua i boarded from Omole phase1 to beager was a 28yr old excited and high spirited female driver ! Her name is favour Edafe. Favour is a young lady from Delta state who finished from the college of Education Oro in kwara state. She made up her mind to do this job because she needed to survive. At the least ,favour makes up to 6,500naira daily…She is hardly harassed by touts because of the boldness she had in defending herself and insisting she wasn’t going to pay them any money !Favour usually closes by 7:30pm but she decided to close by 9:30pm today which was unusual because she needed to make more money. Although, favor’s parent are alive,she understands her humble background and would rather be a keke driver than get involved in harmful habits just to survive.The moral of this true life story is that no situation can drown you ,if you don’t permit it !For every challenge there is a positive and legitimate way of escape.There are legitimate things you can do even when you have not gotten a job !

YOU have ideas in YOU !

I am not asking you to be a keke maruwa driver but i am saying YOU can discover a legitimate niche and stay on it !


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