The Extraordinary Girl Child !

WOP_Lagos State 2015

Esteemed people, in my opinion, i believe every girl child should be computer literate ! At the least ,the girl child should have the basic computer skills.

One Girl Reaching Another !

Social work is not only to identify social problems but rather social work is a profession service based on scientific knowledge and skills in human relations which helps individuals,groups or communities to obtain social and personal satisfaction and independence. Social work profession promotes social change,problem solving in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being,utilization theories of human behaviour and social systems. Social work enable people to develop their full potential ,enrich their lives and prevent dysfunctioning.Professional social work is focused on problem solving and social change which is what motivated the program ”Windows of Opportunities”  This is an Initiative of AMORVARD ! This program seek to empower the Girl Child ! Guess what ! First on the program sheet , is to expose The Girl Child having a domestic challenging story to basic computer skills ! This expose’s HER to more opportunities and better ways of doing things which can be applied on her current handiWork, trade,business,job and education etc.
We see HER self esteem move up as she is exposed to good and quality information ! We are positive this will boost her confident level and encourage her to do ordinary task in an extraordinary way…


The Child.

Enjoy a fulfiling week end !


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