It requires PATIENCE ?

Hello, 2016 is a great year! Are you feeling sad and wondering how you or a close friend or a relative will be able to cope with that special kid this year? Don’t you worry God send’s help! Anyways, am here to give you some tips on what you need to know about these ebullient children.

First, I must tell you coping with a child with DS is not an easy task it is very challenging but all it requires is a lot of PATIENCE because this child might not be able to grow and develop at the same pace with the other kids but this child will definitely catch up! It just requires time and because of their peculiarities they can be very slow. Parents with a DS child should endeavor to treat the child as a normal child because they respond to LOVE quickly.

Surprisingly, most of these kids are really gifted and are very good at their talents, parents should help identify their gifts and work on it, USE THEIR ABILITIES TO GROOM THEM. You can help them use their talents. Because they are special they derive so much joy in their abilities. These kids are very lovely and compassionate.Lastly, DO NOT look down on them. They are unique in their own way, if you want to bring out the best in this child, it starts from the foundation and the way you relate with this child. Uhmmm…..such lovely dudes, give them the opportunity to use and showcase their God given talents and you will be very surprised at the outcome, just watch them well to be able to identify their gifts and ask God to give you the wisdom to be able to help them.

Enjoy your week.


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