Fun Activities4The Elderly




We have always been fascinated at the sight of the elderly. I have often wondered at the whiteness of their hair and the frailty of their skins. I stare in wonder at those gums begging for the company of healthy teeth; how they pull out, one after the other? Funny thought, to be honest.

There are also those grand wrinkles, especially those around the lining of the eyes. You look straight at them, and you see wisdom, years ofexperience,fragility, and often, those still holding on to past hurts and pains! (Un-forgiveness, which could have stemmed from Passive Aggression Behavior)

Have you ever caught sight of say, a 98years old climbing the stairs, how they bend and take their time, just as in other tasks that they must do, taking one step at a time? This, in itself, is a lesson! Getting to see them go about their daily activities is a lot of fun and a crash course in how to live life, because, you learn a lot by being around them. Ever watched these elderlies bend to pick a book from the floor, especially if the book is a ROMANCE story? You see the spark on their faces! It probably reminds them of their younger days, especially for those who got married and had kids, or may not have had kids, but have had very interesting love lives in their younger days. Exciting flashbacks, they get to experience.

Their white hair is interesting to observe! But really, watching their hair gradually move from black to white gradually and becoming white just tells me about experience, wisdom, going further to explain the wisdom and greatness of the almighty GOD. This will humble you folks, knowing that someday you will be having a lot of white hair, except of course, you intend to hide them cosmetically with hair dye!

Yes, the elderly are simply interesting and so much fun to be with. When around them, I love to have my pen and jotter around me, because, there will always be a lesson that will need penning down. For those with health issues like Dementia, Amnesia, Personality Disorder, Aphasia, Agnosia, Apraxia, Apathy, Ataxia etc., there becomes a need for specially trained assistance and support.  It is in this regard that AMORVARD helps to engage the elderly with interesting and fulfilling activities. You may check us out on .

Indeed, the elderly are interesting if one can be patient enough to spend some time with them and listen to them! This clarion call is for every one, including the government. There should be adequate provision, and a well-structured welfare program that caters for the elderly!FATE Project


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