Will I ever get there? Coming from this very poor background, how do I sponsor myself in school? How do I meet up with other girls from average homes, not to talk of the rich kids! Am I good enough to be a professional, when my mum is just a pepper seller in Egbeda Market and my dad, a bricklaying drunkard who feels frustrated with life? With so much negative noise around me, whom do I go to for mentoring? Who is even going to agree to mentor a girl like me? How am I supposed to pass my exams in an environment like this where everyone is either, a cleaner, a house help or some petty trader or the other? What is going to become of me? I know I can use the internet to do stuff like check my Facebook page, twitter and other social media platforms that encourage meeting other people; but, are those, all there will be to my life? What are the chances that someday, I won’t just marry a man and end up as an eternal chef and domestic worker?  What a depressing, boring life that will be ….

Hello girl, do you have these kind of thoughts jump at you? You do? Well, I bring you good news …Do you know that you can better manage your environment and engage with others within your community so as to achieve a better YOU?

You see, a community comprises of three elements: territoriality, collectivity and the greatest share of daily activities. The truth is, you can achieve a more desirable level of life satisfaction, as well as, more effective levels of adaptation, by allowing what you despise around your community and in your community motivate you to take action and profile solutions through positive actions and attitude. It may be tough to influence your community positively but, NEVER IMPOSSIBLE to achieve.

Yes, you can become the first professional in your family; you can become the first accountant, social worker, film star, lawyer or doctor in your community! You can create the change you want to see by becoming and living THE CHANGE you desire to see.

You are intelligent and creative, and can be rich if you choose to be. Your brain is not dormant and you are not stupid. You are that woman who selects wool and fax, and works with eager hands. Yes, you set about your work vigorously and your arms are strong for your task! You are worth far more than rubies, girl, and you have so much treasure in you waiting to manifest! Allow them manifest …Do not lock them down in you!

Dear girlfriend, I must also add at this juncture: though your mind be intelligent and your belief in yourself, sky high, it is all for nothing if you do not trust God. My personal relationship with Jesus Christ has taught me that I can do all things through Him who strengthens me! With Christ involved in your affairs, you will find grace in every race set before you.

Girls, go forth and influence your community for good!

Please, feel free to contact us if you need to speak to a professional counsellor



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