Dear Public & Private Sector

Today , i thought to do you a short letter about relationships as it concerns your working together to achieve great change ! You both must know that relationships are what really matter in life,our relationship to God, our relationship with our family , our friends and others. Most times, we allow this relationships to occupy much lower positions than they deserve on our priority list. If we are not careful , we can allow somebody/something or our personal interest to drive a wedge between ourselves and the people who mean the most to us. To maintain a healthy relationship,you both need to learn how to keep the strife out of your lives ! God made each one of us a unique individual ,you both have different temperament and personality ,you both approach issues in different ways so, you should not be surprised if you do not agree all the time . Too often though, if someone doesn’t agree with our opinion we get out of shape and allow strife to develop. The truth is, just because someone doesn’t agree with my opinion or like me or do things the way i do things doesn’t necessarily mean that they are wrong and i am right or the other way round ,we are just different and our differences can cause friction. There is no such thing as a perfect spouse or a perfect colleague or a perfect boss or a perfect pastor. We must realize that , love makes allowances for peoples weaknesses and give people the benefit of the doubt ! I challenge you both today, learn to overlook an offense and just move on . Love keep no record of wrong. In-other words, you have to overlook somethings…God has probably put you with somebody different than you are on purpose,your strength can make up for your partners weaknesses and his /her strength can make up for your weakness . you should complete each other rather than compete with each other, you compliment each other. The two of you are much more stronger together than you are apart !


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