The Society for Women’s Health Research found that women make most of the health care decisions for their families but when it’s their turn to go to the doctor, many don’t. Why?

Women, we wear different kinds of head-wear! Some says, “watch woman” another says “Cook” and another say’s dry cleaner, mediator, nurse, teacher, patient navigator, businesswoman, caregiver, psychotherapist and so on. Interestingly, the one head-wear that we rarely put on is the one that says “self-care.” That’s the one that gets shoved to the back of the closet and never worn. We tell our-self, we will wear the self-care head-wear when we finish with what is currently taking our attention but we know is a lie because we tell our-self that what is taking our attention is a major part of us that cannot do without our attention…lolz ! That is what some of us believe anyways…

Guess what ladies, that day will never get here unless we circle it in our calendar and we make it happen. We keep juggling all the family activities and demands and we rarely pay attention to our own needs, particularly the state of our health, our needs often go unnoticed and get neglected. A pain in the chest, a persistent headache, a lump in the breast or rash on our skin which will get quick attention if that distress occurred in our partner, parent, child or friend but when these medical issues resonate in the body of the woman of the house, a doctor visit is rarely on her to-do list. Majority of the women I counsel are more concerned with the well-being of their husband, children and their extended family than she is of her own health

I know that we multitask a lot but does it mean that we are getting all the activities on our to do list done properly? Anyways, I know that I may not be able to tell us a story that will convince us to lighten our schedule, hmm…. but, how about trying to eat foods that multitask? How do foods multitask? Am guessing that is the next question on your mind…lolz ! I just think is smart to seek and enjoy foods that do double duty. If you ask me, here’s how I think you can take better care of yourself as a woman – Resolve in your heart to do it and just do it……lolz


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