Ebullient Kiddies

Some Vulnerable children!
Who are social workers?

Physically disabled children which we all know as special children are simply amazing ! Hey, some kids although physically okay are emotionally unstable and disturbed as a result of abuse from their various homes and the unhealthy environment they are exposed to !

We will be throwing more light and discussing the above subject matter here in this section….

Stay in touch people !

Uhmm..i can imagine what is going through your mind now…….you are asking yourself questions like ‘should i kill,throw away or abandoned this child’ or should i keep this child but if i do….how will i cope?what does the future holds for me with this child !”

Well, this is a ride i encourage you to take with me..I will be discussing about down syndrome and other neurological disorders in children and every related topic in this regards.Guess what ! I will also be talking about emotionally Imbalance kids and every topic related to kids who are not emotionally balanced…Dont forget to buy your galla and chapman drink because this is going to be a long, interesting,informative and funfiled ride….You will discover so much and see reasons why you should hold tight and keep that bundle of joy given to you by God no matter the challenges involved . On this journey, you will discover that you have enough strength and the tenacity to pull through !

This child has a future and can still get there…

This child deserve to live and enjoy all the good things of life…