Amorvard Services is strategically positioned to provide a solution to the social work demands of Nigeria and beyond.  As a Social Work non-profit Project Management Organization registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, we have many years of hands-on experience, we are equipped with the skill, professionalism and management to drive and execute any social work endeavor.

What we do                                                                

  • Social Work Project Management At Amorvard Services, we are experts at managing social work projects.  We have managed projects for individuals, organizations and governments.  Our irrevocable commitment to exceptional project delivery makes us stand out from the crowd.  We have always delivered projects to the satisfaction of all the stake holders.  Our skill, passion and professionalism is second to none.
  • Social Workers Training Amorvard Service has trained several Social Workers to be professionals at the trade.  The array of Social Workers we have trained always stand out from the crowd.  We engage theoretical and practical hands-on mediums to ensure that our students understand and imbibe the skills we pass with these trainings
  • Social Workers Coaching Our specialized life-on-life coaching program is one that Social Workers covet so much.  This is a coaching program where protégées social work goals are given a boost and opportunity to see the light of day.  Our committed and experienced coaches go all the way to ensure that every protégée who signs up derive fulfillment and life satisfaction.  Our professional coaches always have a way to help even the most uncertain person find their track and begin to run.
  • Social Workers Outsourcing/Recruitment In a bid to help organizations reduce the burden of managing or hiring Social Workers, Amorvard Services offers an outsourcing and recruitment service.  The quality of Social Workers we have enrolled and trained is comparable to the best hands anywhere in the world. Organizations can go to bed assured that their social work is well handled if we provide the social workers for them.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Project Development & Execution At Amorvard Services, our experience and involvement in Social Work gives us a vivid understanding of communities.  To this end we stand a good chance of developing relevant Corporate Social Responsibility projects for organizations.  For this service, we help organizations develop/identify the relevant projects for communities and execute them on behalf of the organizations.
  • Project Management Amorvard Services is a project management company with a niche for Social Work. We however engage in managing projects which are not strictly Social Work projects. Our workers are professional project managers who will deliver on any project as may be required.

Amorvard Services is strategically positioned to provide a solution to the social work demands of Nigeria and beyond.  As a  Community Service Project Management Organization with many years of hands-on experience we are equipped with the skill, professionalism and management to drive and execute any social work endeavor.

Our Initiatives


    • Windows of Opportunities (WOP Project): Is an initiative of Amorvard created with the specific intent of reaching out to every girl child / woman within reach, who has been abused, frustrated and traumatized by the challenges of the immediate home and the larger society. The program has sought to give second chances to young girls who have been forced to deal with issues such as rape, domestic violence, enforced illiteracy, dehumanization and generally, a substandard existence. Windows of Opportunities provide these girls the opportunities to learn handy skills such as bead making, Ankara production, footwear making and other skills as are available upon interest. The girls are also given career talks, introduction to computer knowledge and generally empowered to lead better lives after the meeting.


    • Love A Child (LAC Project): Is strategically created with the intent to show LOVE to children worldwide. We reach out to as many children as God will allow us to with no barrier of religion, skin color, geographical location and family status or name, facing hardship and living in poor communities by meeting their basic needs one at a time with the intent to put smiles on their faces and for them to know that they are loved and cared for


    • Fun Activities 4The Elderly (FATE Project): Is yet again another initiative of Amorvard with the intent to create fun time for our senior citizens. The aim is to help them feel young again and socialize with other older citizens. We believe age is a thing of the mind and regular exercise and social life can promote longevity, build the right mind set and help put smiles on their faces again.


    • The Internally Displaced People (IDP Project): Seek to Give out relief materials to affected families and by the Grace of God helping to provide basic day to day important needs that will help stabilize and enable them to be able to face the world out there amicably.


Amorvard Services

NO 23 Adetoro Adelaja, Magodo Shangishan

Lagos State, Nigeria


Mobile: 08109259122


The WOP Project seek to reach out to girls from challenged homes by empowering them with skills and information to help them grow, improve their self esteem and Lead a better life

1st Samuel 10:7

Making  Beads !

Ollaflacky Beads

Ollaflacky Beads (2)Ollaflacky Beads


Fishing Lines(Colour varies),Your choice of beads,Beading needles, Beading thread, Beading Scissors, Thread Conditioner, Bead Mat, Bead Dishes , Bead Soup Jar , Bead Scoops , Magnifier . For beginners these items are necessary to have a wonderful time while learning because they make your learning process much easier and stress-free…

Do you want to learn to make beads ? you want to be a boss of your own and make cool cash while at home through bead making ? Please indicate your interest by sending a mail titled  Beads! to –

Herbal Black Soap (lemon exfoliation soap !)


Do you prefer to make your bathing soap your self or you want to learn so you can sell to others ! and if you want to be a distributor of Herbal lemon exfoliation soap please send us an email

Are you desirous of learning to make foot wear for male and female?

I know a young woman who is willing to teach you while you work with her and earn something ! Get in touch with us and set up a meeting ! You are born to win because you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you

send us an email indicating your interest !

Windows of Opportunities BAYELSA STATE

Window of Opportunities an initiative of Amorvard reached out to 25 Girls in Nembe Bassambiri Village, Bayelsa State on the 12th of October 2015. These girls were empowered with skills such as Soap making, Bead Making , Ankara Design ,Talk on Handiwork & Choice of Career not excluding helpful information to help them lead a better life…

Hmmm ! WOP Lagos was equally fun ….2015 WOP was sponsored by Oaklands and Johnson , Omatek Computers and Christ Lovers Christian Center

Do you desire to volunteer your skills at AMORVARD ? Do reach out to us!


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